Brothers and Sisters- Join Our Musical Mission

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John Hanrahan Livetime

We have gathered here to enjoy the art of sharing content!  RIGHT?!
I am doing my best to post SOMETHING interesting everyday, whether its drums, guitar, singing, or my driving adventures.
I cant thank you enough if your reading this.  I need your support.  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!
The arts are fragile and are slowly fragmenting.  Artists, creators and just interesting folks are fewer are far between.
Please go see a show of ANY kind.  Choose an artist that you will support through ticket sales, merch., subscriptions.
Many of you are already doing it.  I know we all felt the impact of live music being on hold....You dont know what ya got until you lose it!
Be in touch.  Please send your email and I will personally reach out with schedules and stuff!
Blessings to you and yours!  Peace Through Music, love and US!

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Thank You Johnny For All You Do!!


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