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Thanks WholesaleVirus for the welcome, and to this new place for me to put my blogs. A new link to add to my resume. A new place for me to scream at a monitor about the bullshit travesties of the world, that piss me off.
Now those of you who just read that first part probably already think I’m fucking weird, and that’s pretty on point. I am a content creator, with far to many opinions, and never enough time in the world to express everything.
My roots date back to YouTube, and my humble beginnings. I am a gamer and nerd through and through. When I was on YouTube, which you can’t find my previous channel now (YouTube struck me down with the mighty sword of destruction), I was popularly known for bad game play, and bad puns. I love my games, but I always admit that I was never very good at them… I just enjoyed to play them to play them for the love of playing games. If anything my cover letter that has been sent to some base employment opportunities read: “Ever since I was seven, and I read “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this” in Legend of Zelda, I was hooked.”. One would say… I love gaming. I have owned majority of all platforms in one fashion or another, and continue to own platforms I rarely use to this day… that’s a reference that my PS4 I bought on release day is now a glorified Netflix machine.
What you can expect to find on my channel moving forward though is not just game play. I notice that XO is lacking in the gaming department, and I’m not sure if that’s because they haven’t recruited anyone over, or because they have yet to branch out to get the attention of other gamers… but I’m optimistic about XO. Other content creators should be too. It is so difficult to expand your brand in a very saturated market. Take my main bae Twitch. I LOVE TWITCH. Lets get that out of the way. I love Twitch, but I am also hyper critical of things I love because I want to see success. When a market is as saturated as this, it is next to impossible to expand and reach for the stars, because every other Average fucking Joe is doing the same thing. It becomes less about the content, more about the numbers, and absolutely about who you might possibly know. In this world, that’s normal… you always have to network and reach out to people, and be delivered a 1,000 “No”s before you get your one single tiny “Yes”. This is the reality, and this is why we should be excited for new platforms coming out, like XOTV and Mixer. This will make the market less saturated, and allow growing content creators to branch out and grow with new platforms.
This. Is. Exciting. And you should be excited too.
Holy shit. Look at that rant. Here I was going to explain who I am, and what I do… but then this happened. I suppose this is sort of what I am about.
I play games, I talk about things I find important, I rant like a mother fucker about things.
Welcome everyone. Welcome to what is going to be a growing platform, and I am excited to be here with it. I come from a place where content is free, and I’d like to keep a fair amount of my content as free as possible, but I hope to work with XO on exclusive content here that allows me to pay my bills.
I am hopeful, and I am excited.
Lets go! Down this wonderful path we call creation
I’ll see you later nerds.
- WholesaleVirus

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