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Well. Lets talk a bit. Just you and me. (You being the figurative of the community.)
I’ve never been steady here, and that is mostly the fault of my own. As much as I enjoy recording content, editing it, and releasing it… there is little gain for me. I was on YouTube once upon a time ago, and have sense moved on since the inevitable betrayal of the platform (Exaggerated for dramatic effect) and I have had to move on. That was okay, I had moved from the recorded game, to the live game almost as a whole anyway.
Then I learned of this beautiful love child, called XOTV. A space for the creator, by the creator. People behind the scenes purely interested in the gain of it’s people. A true belief of “hold your creators up” so they can make great content, and the business will follow. As interested as XO is in the business side of things, it’s not the thing that frames their platform. Its the you and the me of the platform that builds it, and they see this. I can not count the times, that the mad geniuses behind this platform just reached out to see how I’m doing, or when I hit a rough patch and something serious in the family I get a text saying “I hope things turn out okay.” This is a platform I want to believe in, and hope continues down it’s path even as it gets more popular.
Now, the title states a shift in content. I need something that is absolutely capable for me. Something that fits in my incredibly and chaotically busy schedule. SO I am shifting my content from all sorts of things, to flooding with one series at a time. I unfortunately can’t dedicate ridiculous amounts of time to record and editing incredible videos. Things that are fast paced and exciting to watch. There is just not enough time for that. Though I do create enough content as it stands, so I can get stop loaded here, and hoping to bring people over to enjoy the chill relaxed gaming I bring.
That being said, I’m not saying there wont be other things loaded in the future, but that just wont be my focus. I’m just going to focus on one series, at a time, and deliver the finished playthough of that series.
Starting with finishing Wild Arms. I have been loving it, and I hope you do too. If not, well… I don’t have much to offer. Admittedly, I am not dependent on revenue from my content, so you can come by for when I do release something different!
So that’s it, you beautiful nerds. I love having you around, and I will see you later!
- WholesaleVirus

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