Ultimate Chicken Horse - 003


Ultimate Chicken Horse… is a game for friends to learn to hate each other, and have a massive amount of laughs in the process.

I’m joined by a few friends (Muffinz, Morelle, and Mookake) while we dip, dive, and dodge saw blades to be the Ultimate… which ever animal.

I am WholesaleVirus. I am seasoned game player, streamer, and content creator. Follow me in these other places below.

Twitter: For updates and quality memes.
Instagram: Silly pictures of me, food, and my cats.
Twitch: Another place I do content live.

WholesaleVirus is an independent entertainment personality & all around good guy. Moderator, free lance community manager, and resident troll. Opinions, trolls, & shenanigans are my own alone. He also talks in third person on occasion to sound all formal, fancy, and shit.

You will only find this video here, please love me




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