Above the Skyline Series - Episode 1 - Boscoreale on the Road Viewed from the seagulls above

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Get the popcorn ready and fasten your seat-belt as Visionary Vanguard Production will tell the stories of some forgotten little towns around the globe, with an immersive 5K and 6K Cinematic Journey into the life, culture, traditions, meeting different cultures and genuinely engage with local cultures . As the world grows more connected, digitally and physically, people are living closer together and interacting in ways they never have before, therefore, coming together with people across cultures to share goals and ideas – is more important than ever before. Our docufilm is based on the simple idea that what brings the people of the world together, makes us realize that we belong together.

Executive Producer
Veronica Vitale
Executive Producer & DOP
Patrick J. Hamilton

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