Ep.4 - From "Hymn to Humanity" to "Artist United


Artist United is a Non-Profit Organization created by International Recording Artist and Global Citizen Veronica Vitale and American Film Director Patrick Hamilton during The First Modern Pandemic Covid-19 as Relief for Artists and Creative Minds all around the World. Artist United is a platform that’s aimed to bring artists both professional and enthusiastic creators together from all over the globe in a message of Peace, Hope and Universal Brotherhood.

Episode 1 - “ From the Hymn to Humanity to the Creation of the Global Artistic Movement: Artist United” is a candid conversation in the middle of the night surrounded by Kennesaw Mountains, Georgia and a journey that speaks of music as universal language, and cure to all form of depression, isolation and confinement. A new awakening call to raise awareness in the music industry and a severe criticism to people’s indifference. It presents stories that go from Bahrain to Italy, from Afghanistan to South Africa explaining what happens when we all come together and stand together as one.




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