Ep.1 "Hymn to Humanity" - Veronica Vitale in Response to Covid-19 - Artist United


“HYMN TO HUMANITY” ▬ Official Music Performance by Veronica Vitale for “Artists United” and “One World Together at Home” This Anthem was created as response to Covid-19 Isolation and Quarantine. This Prayer is dedicated to all Humankind and especially, to the victim of abuse and crimes against humanity © The copyright in this audiovisual recording are reserved “Visionary Vanguard Records & BMI 2020/2021. Shot on Red Digital Cinema 8K (7680 × 4320)

— Title: Hymn (to Humanity) — Author & Composer Music and Lyrics : Veronica Vitale — Languages: English, Italian, Hebrew — Shot on Red Digital Cinema — Director of Photography Patrick J. Hamilton — Location: Home Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

••••••••••••••••••••• [Official Lyrics] ••••••••••••••••••••• Cry Cry Red Old Sun Another Day Is Ending Behind My Windshield I Watch You Fade

Cry Cry Invincible Friend My Tears Flush In The Ocean May Your Light Hear My Last Pray

Shout Aloud We All Shall Say “Hallelujah” Shout Aloud We All Shall Say “Hallelujah” We’re In The Dark Here Comes The Dark

[Italian Verse] E’ Nella Fede Che Sconfiggo La Paura (tr.In Faith I defeat Fear) E La Speranza Avanza Nella Notte Oscura (tr.In the Dark Night, Hope Bravely Walks) Sia Luce E…La Luce Fu (tr.Let there be light and there was light)

[Hebrew Verse] Vayomer ‘Elohim, (tr.And He said) Yehi’or Vayehi ‘Or (tr.Let there be light and there was light) Be’itot Eyma (tr.In times of Horror) Ashira El Adonnay (tr.I will sing to the Lord I will sing to the Lord)

I Wonder What We Could Have Really Been … Not Blinded By The Pain No One Really Sees We Could’ve Been Stars Whisper Of The Universe Light Years Apart From The Dust We Were Supposed To Remain A Burst Of Light Over Dusk, Above The Human Pain

Shout Aloud We All Shall Say “Hallelujah” Shout Aloud We All Shall Say “Hallelujah”

Lanu Tavi Rak Shalom (tr.He Will Only Bring Us Peace)




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