Ep. 3 Hymn To Humanity - 250 Voices Virtual World Choir Response to Covid-19 and Racism | Veronica Vitale


Hymn To Humanity is the Prayer composed by International Recording Artist Veronica Vitale who first released her solo version April 2020 in response to Covid-19 Quarantine and Isolation. A month later Veronica called every single artist of the planet to feature together for hope and universal brotherhood. 700 submissions and 250 voices singing in every single language of the world together in one song. Currently the artists are working together to develop the worldwide project for hope “Artist United” (NPO) envisioned by Veronica Vitale and American Film Director Patrick Hamilton, co-executive producer on the Project. Today the Hymn to Humanity represents a chant against abuse of power, brutality, oppression and #racism . © The copyright in this audiovisual recording are reserved “Visionary Vanguard Records & BMI 2020/2021. Shot on Red Digital Cinema 8K (7680 × 4320)


— Title: Hymn (to Humanity) — Author & Composer Music and Lyrics : Veronica Vitale — Post Production Shot on Red Digital Cinema , 8K — Director of Photography Patrick J. Hamilton — Location: Homes Around the World — Every Clip (Audio and Video) from Artist United was filmed on any of their available technology — Special Thanks to The Chief of Amazon Forest of Ecuador Tzama Tigre Ringraziamento Speciale e’ rivolto al Capo della Tribu’ Indigena della foresta Amazzonica in Ecuador. — Languages: English, Italian, Hebrew, French, German, Spanish, Inca, English Pidgin, Persian, Urdu, Georgian, (Sinhala) Sri Lanka, Czechoslovak, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Chinese, Philippine, Igbo,Ijaw, Yoruba, Jamaican, Shuar, Quichua, Bahrain, Arabic, Greek, Swiss, Mandarin, Australian English, Hindi, Dutch, Zimbabwe Shona , Vietnamese, Armenian, Romanian, Maltese, Lingala, Swahili, New Guinea Hiri Motu, Songe. — Produced by “Visionary Vanguard Records” Exclusively for “Artist United”




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