Episode 1 of 20 Nana's Storybook Corner - (The Adventures of the AlphaBeings! The Alpha Beings and the Battle of the Bad Words


The AlphaBeings Battle of the Bad Words is a treat for children 1-10 years of age.

The AlphaBeings are adorable little characters that will have your child/children wanting to learn, in a land of warmth & kindness we have letters who are misbehaving and need the help of Princess C for Caylee & Prince M for Miles to rid their planet of bad words once and for all. Spelling, letter & number recognition, also fun recognizing and finding Sheep Sophie hidden in the pages. They will learn kindness and social awareness and how bullying effects others .

So we hope you & your child/children join them on their battle and see how our two heroes save Planet Alphabet!




Amazing video and a story! Love it. Great graphics!


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