"Base Line Testing Day" The Comeback Ep1


Come with me on my journey from being a cameraman to playing college football. Today’ episode I go through basic testing to see how much I need to improve on. I run a 40 yard dash, do power cleans, squats, and punt the football. I genuinely hope you enjoy the first installment of this series and there will be more to come, have a nice day! -Quinn

Music: Kendrick Lamar- DNA Roots-Alice Merton LA Noire

The Comeback Episode 4 The comeback is a documentary series following my journey walking on a college football team. I go to Humboldt State in northern California. Here I came to play football but injured my knee badly my senior year of high school. This halted my football career and there was a point when I never thought I would run let alone play football again. Instead of playing I offered my video talents to the team and ended up being hired on as video coordinator coach. After traveling the country with the lumberjacks and making a Drive On documentary series on the team its my turn to make a miniseries. During November of 2017 my knee finally felt strong again after more than a year in a half and that is when I knew I could make a come back and play the game I love. Hope you follow me on my journey from being the camera man to being a starting punter for the Humboldt State Lumberjacks.




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