Spaced Out Cigar Box Guitar Original Instrumental Called Grand Gulf Breakdown


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Steve Arvey on tour! Dates And Tickets This is an original instrumental called Grand Gulf Breakdown composed on a 3 String Cigar Box Guitar made by Doug McDowell of Devils Broomstick Stick Guitars In Venice Florida. Please subscribe to this channel and check out videos with many styles of music and Artist’s. Contributions are always appreciated for all the time and expenses for me to create these videos for you to enjoy. Go To For More Information Venmo Steve Arvey @ Steve-Arvey or to * Check out my Sponsors: * Cole Clark Guitars Quality Guitars Made In Australia * Lace Music Guitars and Pickup’s * 3Saiter Guitars Made In Germany * AMT Electronics Pedals And Effects * Wild Dog Stomp Foot Drum * Magslide Slides For Guitars
* MGB Parts And Guitars Steve Arvey has a 40 year music career where he has traveled the world performing at Festivals, Concert Venues and many events. He is a full time musician and a singer songwriter composer. Steve’s music has appeared in movies and commercials. He has had quite a career as a sideman and a front man. He has appeared and performed with Hubert Sumlin, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Jr Wells. Bo Diddley, Big Smokey Smothers and many notable artists. More information can be found at www.stevearveymusic




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