Look What I Got In The Mail! Biggest Guitar Unboxing Yet!! Double Neck Guitar!! Listen To This!!


Wow what a day!! Awesome Guitar Custom Made For Steve Arvey! Incredible Gift From Two Of My Favorite Luthier/Builders. Steve Arvey’s Double Trouble. Special thanks to Allen Bieber who came up with this design and spent months perfecting this and calling me on the phone making sure everything was going to be to my liking. This Instrument is a Co Build By Balance And Hanabargar Guitars. The custom built box sides are cherry wood. The Top is recycled mesquite flooring from Wilcox Arizona over 100 years old. The back of the box is very special. It is made from 125 year old black walnut from the Crossroads in Clarksdale Mississippi.The necks are recycled mesquite flooring from Wilcox Arizona which is over 100 years old and laminated. The fretboards are Indian rosewood. The headcaps are Brazilian Rosewood. The scale is 25.5” on both the three string and 6 string side. Nuts are bone and the bridge pickup is a stacked Humbucker made by Ken Armstrong in New Hampshire. The Guitar is equipped with a coil split 500k Cts Pots. The three string side is a single coil handwound by Miss Julia in Vail Arizona. The three string saddle is a floating bone saddle and the tail piece is custom made out of ebony. The lighting is dufused LED disk with a rechargeable lithium battery. This is a one of a kind custom build for Steve Arvey. Built By Hand and designed by Balance Guitars and Hanabarger Guitars. The Finish is Nitrocellulous lacquer with a tobacco burst. Solid Brass Protect The Box.

Balance Guitars Contact Information http://www.balanceguitars.com easchamp99@comcast.net

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Sounds great Steve! Hope you like it!


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