Steve Arvey Demo At The Dallas International Guitar Show TX-Watt Amplifiers Made In Austin Texas


Seriously one of the best amplifiers on the market. The Dallas Guitar Show Is One Of The Best Music Festivals In The World With Thousands Of Guitars And Three Days Of Incredible Music. Steve Is Using A T-Watt Guitar Amplifier Made In Austin Texas. Thanks To T-Watt Amplification For Letting Us Use The Tube Hybrid Guitar Amp. They are hand wired, point-to-point, with no extra circuitry whatsoever. They have one input jack, EL34 or 6L6 tubes, custom Tx-Watt-only transformers, custom Tx-Watt-only speakers, and solid pine (no laminations) custom cabinets. Steve Arvey Plays A Wide Variety Of Styles From Low Down, Screaming, Funky Slide to Sweet Harmonic Tones on Cigar Box Guitars. Arvey Has Toured The World Performing In Australia, Ireland, England, Wales, Italy, Isle of Man, Spain, Austria, Colombia, Netherlands, France, New Zealand and Scotland to perform at Festivals, Theaters and Clubs. Contributions are always appreciated for all the time and expenses for me to create these videos for you to enjoy. Venmo Steve Arvey @ Steve-Arvey or go to​

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