What can you buy in a 7 eleven in Thailand


Convenience taken to the next level at the Thailand 7 eleven.

Hello, I am Liz with Wandering worldwide with Liz and I am going to show you the amazing Thailand 7 eleven.

Join in on the insiders tour of two different 7 elevens in Thailand. I will show you all that there is to buy in a 7 eleven and what delicious drinks and food there are. 7 elevens are a part of my daily routine now and they are located in every corner in Thailand.

If you want to learn more about my adventures in Thailand and the world, check out my website and my social media. I love to travel and have lived in Thailand for one year now. I have so many stories for you to read and discover. Stay tuned for more videos about culture and life in Thailand.

Peace, love, and light.

-Liz xotv creator




Love it! Makes me so happy to see what a fun time you’re having and what a real CONVENIENCE they really are!!


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I had no idea 7 eleven’s were so versatile in Thailand! Thank you for sharing! Welcome to the XOTV family, it’s great to have you here!! ;D


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