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I can find a dozen excuses to not make a video each week, but once I actually start the creation process, I quickly realize that most of my hesitation is purely mental. It’s just like maintaining a training routine; you can always think of a reason to not work out.

That’s why consistency & discipline are key with content creation. You have to maintain some level of inertia and momentum, and be willing to make a shitty video in order to stay on course. Not everything you make will be a masterpiece.

Like you said, treating each video as a task/assignment that must be completed is critical. Willingness to work through your limitations, minimizing self-criticism and self-doubt, avoiding comparison with other creators, and being willing to make mistakes are all vital qualities that we need to nurture in order to stay on course.

Above all, stay loose and have fun with it! Thank you, Franz, for sharing your process with us!


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You pointed something out to me which was very helpful. I did not end the video the way it should have ended, with a final thought about the struggle of creating content. Because of your insightful comments, I updated the video with a new ending. Thanks for being part of the journey!

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The amended ending brings your video full circle. The technical aspects of making a video are indeed important and valuable to share, but without the proper mindset, getting work done is VERY difficult. I like that you touch on that, and are transparent about the struggle of putting out a video when you’re not feeling it. So many creators gloss over this vital step (how to keep your mind right during the creative process), and we only see the end product, believing that it all comes together because of sheer talent or accumulated experience. It’s so much more than that…

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