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Hi. I'm a mom with a degree in Secondary Education who has been homeschooling all three kids from the get-go. The oldest is now 16. Friends have asked me for help in homeschooling because COVID is changing the Fall Semester. Here are my top tips.

If your school is replicating school at home with 6 hours of online learning it's good to know for comparison purposes that's not the same thing as homeschooling.

A tiny overview and some tips for deciding if it's for you. 
P.S. Co-ops are not the same thing as learning pods. See video on learning pods.

Need a school solution? Learning Pods are an option if you are not doing school but you don't want to or are not available to teach your kids yourself.

5. I don't know enough to homeschool my kids
The short answer is: you don't have to.

You don't need 6 hours 5 days a week. It has been said if you wait until the child is ready you can catch up on all 12 years of U.S. public school curriculum in 2.5 years.

Secular. Religious. Homeschooling. Unschooling. Just because you don't go to school doesn't mean you are all thinking the same and homeschooling the same. LOVE all the people AND find YOUR people.


An overall goal will help you see if you are succeeding in the bigger picture instead of worrying on a daily basis.

10. Communicating to others about homeschooling
If not everyone you know is on board with homeschooling you may have some explaining to do.

You are going to get asked this question. A lot.

Deschooling takes time. You have more options than you are used to. Consider these rhythms.

Intro to unschooling. The ranges and types of unschooling. If you don't think you are an unschooler, you probably are.

IMPORTANT. Big topic. Talks about a huge mistake I see homeschoolers make in creating community.

If you are starting out and you have never homeschooled a kid and it's time for kindergarten, this is for you.

This is often when parents find out if they are curriculum, fact-based, eclectic or unschooling.

EVERYONE should see this one, regardless of your kid's age because it give you the goal.
P.S. Oops. It's (not .com)

So easy. So many routes. I can't even remember the stuff from that other state I lived in before. lol

Why are they late? Why do they talk so much? Why don't they share more? Why don't they sit still? And more. This is how I learn about people. It's also a HUGE reason I decided to homeschool.

1 in 5 have it. It’s more than just spelling and reading. It comes with gifts. Paperwork beware. I recommend you read up about all of the kinds of dyslexia there is from writing to math to spatial things to executive processing and see if it applies to any of your kids. Basically, if your child struggles with math, reading, spelling, handwriting, getting things done in order or following directions…
Resources mentioned: The Dyslexic Advantage by Eide

Possible discounts at stores, museums, group rates to the ballet... wherever a school or a public school teacher can get a discount, now you can too.

Some homeschool programs will give you some of that tax money back.

Older kid out and about during the day without you? How do they show they are not skipping school?

In the U.S. they are state laws varying state-to-state. Find out if your state has a legal homeschool association. You have to know the laws. For example visit 
P.S. Clarification: Idaho DOES have homeschooling laws but because there is so much freedom it seems like there isn't one. But there is a law that says it's legal, and that it's about educating children well etc. I'm very grateful for the Idaho education freedom. Thank you, Idaho.

Huge topic. Do three things: ask the school, ask your legal homeschool association, and especially ask the parents who have done it. Do not assume the school knows the laws fully - you must know your rights.

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