SLICK ROCK 4 x 4 The West


Each year, thousands of four-wheeling enthusiasts, many of them entire families, rally to challenge the terrain of America’s southwest composed of awesomely steep ascents, glassy-slick rock ledges, bottomless drop-offs, squeezed-up-tight switchbacks, and enormous boulder gardens. All of which test the driving, mechanical, physical, and mental stamina of these eager participants. No question about it, SLICK ROCK; 4x4 The West also presents an unmatched adrenaline rush for the viewer.

Here, in this red rock desert, awaits a Mecca of thrilling adventure. Defined by John Wayne as “THE West” this country is the center of spacious vistas, deep canyons, petrified sandstone dunes, and towering red cliffs under a sun-drenched deep blue sky. Hikers, mountain bikers, and especially four-wheel enthusiasts come back again and again beckoned by this seemingly endless landscape of grandeur in the land of the naked sun.

Young and old, men and women from around the planet come to test their skills and stamina on these tortuously winding Jeep trails which were originally carved out by miners looking for precious minerals. Here is the new wealth for hearty seekers of pure adventure on trails with names such as Cliff Hanger, Poison Spider, Gold Bar Rim, Elephant Hill, and the infamous Lion’s Back among the hundreds of miles of fantastic trails that weave in and out of public lands and span two major national parks.

Can man’s marvelous machines meet the match of these monuments and valleys?




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