PK Takes Vegas (Parkour To The Max)


PK Takes Vegas. “Sick!” and “Freakin’ Awesome” are the most often heard comments about this feature-length Parkour and Free Running film. Sick Parkour action, spectacular scenery-Vegas, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon. Featuring ‘No Sole’ Brian Orosco, King David, Ronnie Shalvis, Devon Bardole, Mike Avery, and introducing Jeremy and Ryan.

Parkour is the basis. It’s what helped feed into Free Running. Parkour is just the basic movement. It’s all about efficiency. It’s all about minimizing access movements and just focusing on speed and agility and just the real basic form. We use the terms “Free Running” and “Parkour” interchangeably. It’s just because we deal with them so often in our forums and talking with other people that it just becomes kind of cumbersome to always be very particular and exact about separating the two. But whereas we would use those terms interchangeably, we recognize that they are different disciplines. Free Running is more about the creative side. It’s more like the expression and where you get a lot more of overlap in that is people who are breakdancers or trickers or gymnasts will come into this and they will bring their own flavor and add it to Parkour. So you kind of think of Free Running as Parkour plus. They are two different things but I think it is, for the most part, a lot of us like to do both and we have a lot of respect for both and we try not to look down on others because of that and not to stick to one certain thing and say – “Oh, you’re wrong for doing that.” It’s your own personal thing.

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