The Bails (Out Takes)


At one of the locations, we were at we were running on top of the pillars. We had guys weaving in and out to add some depth to the frame that we are looking at, and in so doing it kind of complicated the situation because there’s another element of uncertainty. You know we call out and try and get the guys to go to one side and stay out of our way so we can come through without a problem. There’s always a chance they may not hear you or they might think that it’s for somebody else or something of that sort. And that is exactly what happened. I called out to be a little bit safer from further away and Jeremy had thought it was somebody else because nobody ran by right away. And just at the last second as I was bounding across one of the gaps, he comes right in front of me and clipped my feet and I ended up falling over and breaking the pillar with my face. This is just one of the bails. Be afraid, very afraid but enjoy.




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