Mountain Hiking + Camping—Backcountry Adventures—“What’s Your Everest” edition



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📍We filmed on the ancestral lands of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute People.

And in celebration of Latino/a/x Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize Spanish-American Explorer—Jesus Garcia Mariano Medina. 
 You can find out how Medina saved the lives of fellow explorers and became instrumental in creating modern-day Loveland, Colorado.

This episode of WhitewaterTV brings you Mountain Hiking + Camping—Backcountry Adventures with Antoinette Lee Toscano, the “What’s Your Everest” edition.  
 In this episode, Antoinette Lee Toscano—a black adventurer, takes three new explorers on a backcountry trip deep into the mountains. After a long summer of health challenges, will Antoinette make it to the A-Basin Summit?  
 You’ll have to watch to find out. 
 You’ll also learn:

 PART 1: Training at Devil’s Backbone—Loveland, Colorado Loose leash walking with your dog—Stop your dog from pulling on walks and hikes. Meet Mariano Medina Essential day hiking gear

PART 2: Packing for a high elevation summit Essential gear and apparel for a multiday trip Day packs, approach packs, footwear, and more

PART 3: Newbie Trip Leader How to deliver a trip leader briefing to newbie adventurers Mountain sickness/altitude sickness prevention HOW DID ANTOINETTE DO? Drop a comment. What’s expected of you as a backcountry team-member

PART 4: On the Road With Our Motley Crew

PART 5: Campsite Set Up Teamwork makes the dream work! Planning ahead—people, location, activity, weather

PART 6: “What’s Your Everest? With Erik Weihenmayer—Summiting A-Basin

PART 7: The Descent

Part 8: Reflections

WhitewaterTV is your adventure sports lifestyle channel where an equitable representation of all people is our cornerstone. 
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Welcome to the river family!

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Executive Producer + Host: Antoinette Lee Toscano, MBA

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Welcome to the river family! 
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🖌 American Adventure Sports Club Logo: Kayla Lopez on Instagram at Staysketch and Kayaklopez

📸 Photography: Matthew James Berrafato

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