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In the ‘Smokin’ With Matt’ series, all-around outdoorsman @matty_b_kayak will teach you what you need to know to create YOUR best BBQ.

Level up your Super Bowl party menu! We’re giving you step-by-step instructions and a recipe to make great food for your next party or on a random Monday night.

Stop serving chips at your parties and cook like an adult.

Our ‘Smokin’ With Matt’ Series makes it easy to learn how to cook. Every adult needs to know how to cook for themselves—it’s a life skill.

In this ‘Super Bowl Eats’ video—part 1 of a three-part series, you’ll find three recipes:

✅ Honey Sesame Chicken Wings ✅ Rubbed Chicken Wings ✅ Sweet Pepper Poppers

Matt learned how to grill from his dad, but he fine-tuned his skills in Iraq and Hawaii, cooking for his young Marines and giving them a taste of home while on deployment.

This recipe is meant for cooking on a classic Weber kettle-style grill, but you can also create these three appetizers on a propane grill or Trager.

We’re talking smoked mozzarella flavor, lightly smoked chicken, and adding seasoning to the wrapped bacon creates an exciting hint of flavor.

More from this series:

Sweet Pepper Poppers + Two Types of Wings

Mesquite + Apple Wood Smoked Turkey

Korean BBQ Ribs

Beer Can Chicken

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“I’ll teach you my recipes and techniques. BUT what I’m interested in is seeing how YOU add your culture and make this recipe your own.” Matt B.

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