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Meet the founders and learn how the ‘Inclusive Guide’ app connects businesses with diverse consumers. And identifies safe and welcoming spaces with essential details not found on other review apps for consumers. And it’s free!

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A Denver, Colorado-based tech company is helping people with marginalized identities find safe and welcoming businesses, nonprofits, parks, and more through its ‘Inclusive Guide’ app.

Suppose you are a person who has experienced discrimination or spaces that do not meet your needs and are looking for “safe and welcoming spaces,” an ally making value-aligned spending choices, or a business that is inclusive to all communities. In that case, Inclusive Guide is your go-to app.

“Inclusive Guide is kind of like a Yelp (review) but for inclusion….” — Parker McMullen Bushman, Chief Operating Officer of Inclusive Journeys

The app is currently free. Businesses are encouraged to donate toward programming additional business dashboard features. And anyone in the community can also donate to support this project.

Are you ready to become an Inclusive Guide Business Partner? Contact their Business Partnership Manager today! Email:

About the founders of Inclusive Journeys   ***************

Parker McMullen Bushman (she/they), Chief Operating Officer of Inclusive Journeys, and founder of Ecoinclusive Strategies Parker is a dynamic speaker and facilitator that engages organizations in new thinking around what it means to be a diversity change agent and create effective organizational change. Parker’s background in nonprofit leadership, conservation, environmental education, and outdoor recreation spans more than 24 years. She sits on the Environmental Learning for Kids board, Metro Denver Nature Alliance, The Next 100 Coalition, and the National Association for Interpretation.  

Crystal Egli (she/her), Chief Executive Officer of Inclusive Journeys. Growing up in rural Vermont, Egli has always been an avid outdoor recreator. She hiked, biked, camped, boated, water, and snow skied. And after moving to Colorado, Egli became a hunter and a hunter education instructor and mentor to a novice young woman. Egli is also an adventure sports model for some top-tier brands.  

In 2019, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) awarded Crystal the Stephen Kellert award for “… outstanding service in advancing connections between humans and the natural world to all peoples diversely and inclusively.”

📍This episode was filmed on the ancestral lands of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Ute, Eastern Shoshone, and Ochethi Sakowin peoples.

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