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In this episode of AdventureTV, meet Aisha McElroy, Executive Director of the Black Cowboy Coalition.

After learning of her family’s 250+ year history of ranching in Texas and Louisiana, Aisha created the Black Cowboy Coalition to honor her family’s legacy; in addition to those with legacies uncovered and those whose history remains hidden.

Aisha realized that most stories relating to Black history were not inclusive of Black cowboys, farmers, and ranchers.

So, she created a platform–the Black Cowboy Coalition not only for those stories to be shared but also to guide those with ancestral connections on their paths of rediscovery.

The Black Cowboy Coalition grew out of the desire to integrate agriculturally related programming into Black inner-city communities. Their primary focus is on developing and executing strategies that build strong, cohesive, and sustainable programs that positively impact the growth and success of their community members.

As a graduate of Howard University’s School of Business, Aisha has spent the last 20 years working for both corporate and government sectors within IT infrastructure management and cybersecurity. However, she recently left corporate America to focus on developing community-based programming. As a focused “builder,” Aisha prefers the background, but in this video, she shared answers to why she created this organization.

You can connect with and support the Black Cowboy Coalition.


This self-funded organization is seeking financial support for its training and mentorship programs. Please consider donating today!

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Executive Producer: Antoinette Lee Toscano, MBA

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Video by the Black Cowboy Coalition

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