Celebrating Black History Month With a Kokatat Announcement


Big announcement this Black History Month! Thank you Kokatat! Representation of all cultures and performance levels is important. It allows everyone to see what is possible in their own lives. Kokatat gets this. In this episode of WhitewaterTV, we have a big announcement.

50 years ago - 1971 - Steve O’Meara founded Kōkatat. In the back room of his retail store he began making outdoor gear under the trademark Blue Puma.

“Thank you for trusting us for the last 50 years! #thisiskokatat”


You can read more about why the equitable representation of people of color in marketing is important in Paddling Magazine: https://paddlingmag.com/stories/news-events/kokatat-antoinette-lee-toscano-ambassador/

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Congratulations from the XOTV Team!


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Thank you so much. I appreciate the support from everyone at XOTV.

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