15-year-old Ellie Clapp Running Blossom Bar Rapid


15-year-old Ellie Clapp of the “Lost Boys and Girls Paddle Crew.”

“Blossom Bar Rapid has a crux move at the top followed by rock dodging. It gives many boaters trouble each year.  After being a passenger through this rapid many times and rowing over a hundred miles on my little Cat boat, I felt prepared to conquer it this time. It was a lot of fun!” — Ellie Clapp

Elli Clapp on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellieclapp3/   People: Ellie, Chris, and Sheri Clapp. Place: The wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River in Southern Oregon—Blossom Bar Rapid. Products: Boat: Sotar 8.5 ft https://sotar.com/collections/coho-cat

Oars: Sawyer V-LAM Custom Shoal cut http://www.paddlesandoars.com/SAWYER-V-LAM-OAR/

Oar Locks: Cobra Mini http://www.paddlesandoars.com/ACCESSORIES/COBRA-OAR-LOCKS/

PFD: Stohquist Betsea https://www.stohlquist.com/life-jackets/touring-pfds/betsea.html#

Footwear: Chaco Z/Cloud X https://www.chacos.com/US/en/z-cloud-x/24097W.html?dwvar_24097W_color=JCH107982&details=complete

Helmet: WRSI Trident https://www.nrs.com/product/43002.03/wrsi-trident-helmet

   The Parents / Downstream safety: Chris Clapp https://www.instagram.com/chris.clapp/ Sheri Clapp https://www.instagram.com/gpsheri/

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