I Am My Body--Plus-Size Explorer Ashley Manning


Ashley Manning—”Plus-size Explorer” is normalizing all body types in the outdoors. Viewing all body types in nature as “normal” is an essential message because diversity, equity, and inclusion in outdoor recreation and adventure sports encompass more than ethnicity. This river running, Mountain Mama is on fire!

“I am my body.

Nothing else, no one else. This is what I was given and it’s what I will run with. My body isn’t the enemy. It isn’t something I have to shrink and stuff down for anyone else’s comfort. My body is strong and my body is beautiful. My body is capable and interesting. My body is hard and it is soft as well. It took a long time to accept this vessel, much less love it. I’m not always loving it. It’s work. Always. But my story is similar to so many other’s. Your body is everything you need it to be. Trust me. Watch it walk the miles. Watch it paddle. Watch it climb. Enjoy it, because you don’t have to constantly punish it for being it.” — Ash Manning

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