HER INESCAPABLE BRAVE MISSION (HIBM)–a film directed by Celia Aniskovich. 
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We feature a film sizzle reel or trailer—HIBM starring an incredible athlete with a disability, in this episode of WhitewaterTV.

Her Inescapable Brave Mission (HIBM) is the story of humanitarian Cara Elizabeth Yar Khan. 
 Cara is privately struggling with her changing reality and identity following a devastating diagnosis, yet publicly planning an extreme future challenge for herself. Her goal is to empower her disability community. 
 After years of preparation, closely observed by her therapeutic equestrian trainer Kelcy Rainer, Cara’s near-disastrous Grand Canyon expedition catalyzes a moving and powerfully resonant personal transformation. 

HIBM is currently in post-production, but to finish the film, they need your help?

Would you please make a tax-deductible donation here  

Website: HIBM Website


Director: Celia Aniskovich Executive Producers: Sam Pollard Editor: Edward Osei-Gyimah Lead Producer: Elizabeth Yale Marsh Producer: Wendy Eley Jackson 

Film Cast: Cara E. Yar Khan, Protagonist John Masters, SSG. (Ret.) U.S. Army Ranger Kelcy Rainer, Director Therapeutic Riding, Chastain Horse Park  West Taylor, Head Wrangler, Wild West Mustang Ranch  Mike Mylroie. Wrangler, Wild West Mustang Ranch   Kelly McGrath, Raft Captain, AzRA Roy Lippman, Safety Kayaker, AzRA Deanna Sanderson, Boat Woman, AzRA BJ Boyle, River Captain, AzRA 



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Welcome to the river family!

Executive Producer + Host: Antoinette Lee Toscano, MBA


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For more information, please contact:

Celia Aniskovich, Director Celia Aniskovich

Liz Yale Marsh, Producer Liz Yale Marsh

 HIMB the Film


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