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Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D., said, “We’re just not meant to be sedentary, screen-staring, and meaning-devoid creatures,” in his new book, Digital Madness. Kardaras says, “Psychologists have known for decades that the best non-pharmaceutical antidepressant is physical activity—taking a walk, riding a bike, jogging, playing a sport. Anything that gets the body moving also increases serotonin levels and helps to oxygenate the brain.”

Executive Producer — Antoinette Lee Toscano is an outdoor industry consultant, writer, philanthropist, outdoor recreation instructor at Aims Community College, and a motivational health and wellness speaker delivering the “New Normal Big Life” talk and blog. Her debut book is Four Hours to Live—A Soldier’s Journey of Adoption, Assault, and Advocacy. Aside from an amazing recovery journey from using a walker, a service dog, and a full-time caregiver after a traumatic brain injury, spine injury, and PTSD, Antoinette shows you how to create your “new normal” and live the “biggest life” you can envision using an adventure sports lifestyle.

Antoinette Lee Toscano, MBA — is an 11-year United States Army veteran, Contributing Writer at Paddling Magazine and Culturs, global, multicultural magazine, a public speaker, and the Producer of WhitewaterTV. Additionally, Antoinette is a Kokatat National Brand Ambassador, co-founder of Diversify Whitewater, Board Member of Vibe Tribe Adventures, national director of the free National American Adventure Sports Club, Board Member of No Barriers USA, City of Loveland, Colorado Parks and Recreation Commissioner, and a Team River Runner and Badfish SUP Paddling Team Member.

One of her passions is talking about how outdoor recreation is at the intersection of health, wellness, conservation, and adventure.



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