Paddling Through the Pain Part 1 - Stand Up Paddle


Welcome to the river family!

In this episode of WhitewaterTV, we exemplify resiliency and talk about something you don’t often see in adventure sports.

None of us are born adventurers.

It’s a process. We try and “fail” along the way. We make progress and lose momentum until one day we succeed. This is how vulnerability looks. It’s not pretty, but it’s beautiful to witness. And we hope it inspires you too.

“The benefits of outdoor recreation are physical, mental, and social. For example, I have used archery, kayaking, rafting, camping, fishing, hunting, and climbing to recover from a traumatic brain injury and a broken back resulting from my military service.

And you can use adventure sports to manage whatever challenges you’re facing in life. Get outside and adventure!” —Host Antoinette Lee Toscano

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Welcome to the river family!

Executive Producer + Host: Antoinette Lee Toscano, MBA


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