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“The future is female ….” Outside Magazine

The American Adventure Sports Club is powered by the Denver, Colorado-based, national 501 (c)(3) Vibe Tribe Adventures, in partnership with WhitewaterTV, No Barriers USA, and the City Loveland Parks and Recreation. All leadership members in this collaboration are women; two are Black with Hispanic and Indigenous heritage, and one is a woman veteran with a hidden disability. Collectively, we represent the communities we endeavor to serve.

When helping formerly marginalized communities, it is essential that they see themselves within the organizational leadership to foster trust and eliminate the need to code-switch. Our participants and their families feel empowered by our leadership to bring their authentic selves into the outdoor recreation and conservation movement through Vibe Tribe Adventures programs.


The American Adventure Sports Club’s name results from learning that other countries worldwide have no cost and low-cost programs like the AASC. However, the American Adventure Sports Club model is the first of its kind in the U.S.

After spending nine months researching why there is a lack of diversity in outdoor recreation in the U.S. for CULTURS Magazine and Paddling Magazine, Ms. Toscano knew how to solve this challenge.

The year-round American Adventure Sports Club offers a weekly nature camp experience for underrepresented communities (Black, Indigenous, people of color, low-income households, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+) youth, adults, and seniors.

  Urban Trekker Nature Camp is where urban and rural youth learn proficiency in one or more adventure sports and how to recreate safely and sustainably by learning the leave no trace and catch and release principles during a summer camp experience.

  Our summer camps are supported by No Barriers USA, a Fort Collins, Colorado-based 501 (c)(3) organization primarily serving youth and adults with disabilities and persistent life challenges through life-changing programs in an adventure sports setting. The American Adventure Sports Club’s (AASC) summer camps and multi-day events throughout the year in 2023 are held at the No Barriers, off-grid mountain campus in Livermore, Colorado. Additionally, all AASC programs held at the No Barriers campus incorporate the No Barriers motto—”What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.” And events are based on the No Barriers “Life Elements.” The No Barriers campus is staffed and supported by certified instructors and Wilderness First Responders.

As a U.S. Army veteran, writer, philanthropist, adventure influencer, who is also a Black multicultural woman, and the American Adventure Sports Club program director, Antoinette Toscano developed the AASC concept and the “Conservation Ambassador Corps.” The conservation ambassador corps teaches youth and adults how to practice affordable conservation methods and talk about conservation with friends, family, and peers.  

The Outdoor industry business 101 program teaches underrepresented youth and adults how to become competitive and recreational sponsored athletes, adventure models and influencers, entrepreneurs, and employees in the outdoor industry. In addition, Ms. Toscano used her “outdoor industry insider” status to assemble a national team of volunteers who have mentored and trained upcoming underrepresented leaders within the outdoor industry since 2020 at no cost.

As a result, she helped eight women, disabled, veterans, and athletes of color become sponsored adventure sports competitive, recreational, and professional athletes. And each American Adventure Sports Club participant will also have access to this network.  

The intention is to open several clubs throughout Colorado and take the club concept nationwide.

Can I ask you to help us raise funds for the year-round club and next year’s five camps by encouraging your friends and family to donate using the link below?

Even $1.00 makes a difference.


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