Episode 5 — Shoulder Strength + Flexibility for Paddlesports with Certified Personal Trainer Allie Hutto


Allie “Kat” Hutto is an ISSA certified personal trainer and yoga teacher. She is also a whitewater rafter, kayaker, and outdoors woman. Allie is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and found peace and healing in whitewater when she moved to Durango, Colorado for college in 2011. Allie was a whitewater guide for nearly six years before switching over to private boating and kayaking. Allie taught guide schools in Durango, and then went to Denali, Alaska to learn how to “boat big water.” She eventually made it to Cairns, Australia and obtained the “endless summer.” Allie applied her skills and now is passionately empowering others to create their dream life through nutrition, outdoor fitness, and mindset.

“Create your new normal and live as big a life as you can envision. #NewNormalBigLife” Antoinette Lee Toscano–Blogger at the New Normal Big Life Blog https://antoinettetoscano.com/the-new-normal-big-life-blog/

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Welcome to the river family.

What are your off-season fitness goals?

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