I'm Undesirable


According to a very popular dating study released in August of 2018 that is getting a lot of traction in the media, I am undesirable. After I called my friend crying, I found my power.




As a software analyst for 20 years, I think this episode is a must-see. You’ve taken what looks to be a shallow dating study and thought deeply about it to find fallacies in it. It’s not even thinking deeply, actually … it’s that you know the dating domain and are living it. I wish more people took these kind of studies with a grain of salt, and you’ve given them several tablespoons of it here. Nice job.


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Thanks, JBTESTPILOT. What’s so silly is that I didn’t have to dig far. The information was right there in the study. I think journalists counted on it drawing in an audience and didn’t think anyone would go further than that.

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