Be Bitchy Dating Game


For those of you out there in the dating pool, remember to be picky and DON’T SETTLE. The Choice is Yours! (The CIY)

For those of you already coupled, SET UP YOUR FRIENDS!

This week’s episode features a shady as fuck “artepreneur,” plus some of the week’s worst profiles.




This episode is masterful, Jen. I’m happily married going on 18 years, so the dating world was a long time ago. Even so, you’re an entertaining tour guide to an Online Dating Safari. It’s a glimpse into what I can scarcely believe is my own kind. The male wildlife out there today in the dating world seems truly “exotic”. But this is you in your element and my fellow Man-kind needs to tune in to see the mirror you’re holding up. Very rarely does a vid make me laugh out loud, but several times it was the one-two punch of the pictures and text coupled with your no-nonsense reaction. Betting it won’t be long before the Ellen Show or Jimmy Fallon calls you up to be a regular correspondent. At the very least, some ivy league Anthropology professor somewhere should put you on retainer to study the future of our species if heterosexual male dating profiles like these remain so plentiful. Good news is there’s plenty for them to learn from this must-see channel. But let me assume guys like the ones you featured won’t change or learn from what you have to say. What kind of women do you think are attracted to these guys? I mean the double-middle-finger guy? Seriously?!?


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Thanks for the comment and all the support, jbtestpilot!

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