My Key Dating Tips


Sure, there are so many tips I can offer when it comes to dating, but there are just a couple that really matter.




Another great episode, Jen. You go beyond where other “advice vloggers” usually go. Sure, they may say to make a list of pros and cons like you did, but then you follow that concept up with an interesting perspective about not dismissing the small things and not settling, because hey, you’re noticing that men don’t seem to have that problem of “going for gold”! OR, your comment that texting before a first date may set a weird vibe for the date, but follow it up with a thoughtful notion of the “chemistry check”. These little gems take you beyond others to establish you as someone in my mind who thinks deeply and soulfully about what dating is truly all about. And, yes, even though I’m happily married, I can still appreciate what you’re calling out because in the end it’s about partnership.


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Thanks, jbtestpilot, for being a loyal and supportive watcher. Your work on Airtime is excellent and very enjoyable to watch.

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