Episode #14 Actin' Up Podcast feat. Danny Wooten - Dancin' To A Different Beat


In Episode #14 of Actin’ Up Podcast, Cisco & Malik welcome their longtime friend & colleague Danny Wooten! Danny is a well known Actor, Renown Professional Tap Dancer and Music Producer. You’ve definitely seen him on over 200 commercials, or maybe Tap dancing alongside Savion Glover, Gregory Hines & even the legendary Michael Jackson! Most recently, Danny won the Rap Sheet Hollywood Beat Battle! This talent kid from Queens, NY does it all and makes it look easy. You want to learn the game then listen to his secret tips he drops on us! Danny Wooten is definitely Dancin’ to a different beat through his journey in Hollywood. Come take this ride with us!

P.S. Danny made the Actin’ Up Podcast Theme music that plays at the start of every episode!




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