Episode #1 AUP Teaser: Malik Barnhardt Talks About Escapin Prison, Gettin Robbed & Goin To Hollywood


Actin Up Podcast is hilarious and raw, hosted by seasoned actors and comedians @CiscoReyes & @MalikBarnhardt. These guys have been in over 200 film and television shows combined! On this show you will experience Real , Uncut and Raw conversations with your favorite actors, comedians, models, directors, producers, casting directors and industry insiders! These two guys are hilarious and loose cannons ready to blow shit up! Catch Actin’ Up Podcast here on XOTV and all your favorite podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Anchor.FM, Google Podcast, Stitcher just to name a few!!! Follow us on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter @ActinUpPodcast Subscribe to Actin Up Channel Now!!!




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