In The Studio - Part 1


While I previously produced a number of covers, I’ve turned my focus to writing originals. I’ve been working on my songwriting and recording through the Music Career Mastermind program. I currently have 5 songs in various stages of development, and 2 of which I’ve started recording in the studio. For these songs, I composed all drum, guitar, and bass tracks while also writing the lyrics and singing!

I’m recording in a studio in Boulder Creek, CA in the lovely Santa Cruz mountains. I have self-recorded demos of each song and am focusing on getting professional level studio recordings for each part. As the songs come together, we will focus more on dynamics and layering to make the songs more interesting.

For part 1, I’m recording the drum tracks for my first 2 songs which I plan to officially release in the next few months. Hope you enjoy! :,)




Wow, I like seeing young artists doing their thing. Keep going buddy…


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