Duality - Slipknot Drum Cover


I thought I’d close out the decade with a funky fresh cover! Slipknot is a super cool band and the best live act I have ever seen. I saw them play at Concord Pavilion and the show was absolutely splendid! I also recently got up on stage to see Jay Weinberg play in LA and that inspired me to work on this cover! :~)

The video was shot using a drumless track and I used some creative license in my playing! Thanks to the Type It Down Productions crew for shooting and editing the video. I’ll return in 2020 with more original music and hopefully some phat announcements! Hope you enjoy my take on this song. You can follow me here or the links below.

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SJC Custom Drums Royal Satin Purple Navigator Kit
Ludwig Black Magic Snare
Zildjian 18” A Custom EFX
Zildjian Sound Effects Special Release Matt Greiner Blast Bell
Zildjian 14” A Custom Mastersound Hi-hat
Zildjian 21” A Custom Anniversary Ride
Zildjian 16” A Custom Fast Crash
Zildjian 16” Oriental China ‘Trash’
Purple Cympad Chromatics
DW 9000 Double Pedal
DW 3000 Hi-hat
AHEAD Drum Sticks
Mixed with ProTools

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