Schism - Tool Drum Cover


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After an awesome time at PASIC, I wanted to get back to recording some covers. Progressive rock/metal is my favorite music genre, so I wanted to post a Tool cover. I saw them this summer in San Jose and Danny Carey was rad!

All Tool songs have different time signatures so they take a lot of practice. Hopefully soon I’ll be learning some songs in 13. ;^)

Tama Starclassic B/B 4 piece kit
Tama SLP Bubinga snare
TRX Special Edition cymbals
Cympad Chromatics
Tama Iron Cobra Jr. double pedal
Vater Drumsticks
DW Hardware
Mixed with ProTools


AP, you are off the hook… You balance moving the dials to 11 when you need to, and dialing it back to 1 where it’s called for. Patience, timing, energy… it’s all there. Always cool to watch you having fun with your mad skillz.


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