Let go of the past, look to a better future and enjoy life today

These podcasts explore a core belief that you have the power within you to handle whatever life throws your way. You can achieve the lifestyle of your dreams and enjoy everyday life in the process, regardless of circumstances. Everything begins with a thought and how you think determines the results.
* Define your purpose.
* Transform your life by changing what you tell yourself.
* Let go of limiting beliefs. * Recognize the interrelationships of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.
* Coordinate the pillars that sustain a well lived life – health, financial freedom, relationships, community involvement, preparedness and resilience.
We examine proven processes so you can make these changes yourself. Our guests share journeys of great loss or success that changed their lives, what they did to cope and where it has taken them. They explore their spiritual pathways and techniques. They invite us to have some fun and love life.