Christian Mystic Bella Louise Allen Provides Understanding of the Holy Spirit Within


Bella Louise Allen has experienced poverty, childhood abuse and other issues, yet that has not gotten in her way. She has always felt the hand of God pushing her. She has received subliminal messages from God, received teachings in science and history from Jesus, all while working in the healthcare profession. Bella Louise has been inspired to write 44 books and counting. The Catholic Church has all of her books, but she has been told they are waiting to see what happens with these books in such tumultuous times. She was told Jesus wants these books in special hands now. The communications are all about redemption, the second coming and end times. We can turn things around. As part of understanding the energies coming to her, Bella Louise became a Reiki Master teacher and merges Eastern and Western medicine. Available titles include: “Miracles Among Chaos,” “Into the Fires of Hell,” “Evidential Mediumship,” “The Tree of Knowledge is Mary’s Sweet Vine,” and “Book of Dreams.”




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