Our Purpose is to Flourish


I never know where I will find my next guest. In this case, Jason Thompson met my neighbors at the Hollywood screening and were so impressed by him that they called me to let me know about him. Jason is an entertainer who portrays various “puppets” - characters who he impersonates. He’s known for his impressions of Austin Powers, Queen Elizabeth, Mad Hatter and Dame Edna. Although he hails from Australia, he resides in Southern California. He is one of the original star children, finding spiritual comfort in circle dancing along with yoga, vegetarianism and meditation. Jason has a degree in theology and feels it’s important to teach the fruits of the spirit - joy, peace, kindness, and self-control. He is a spiritual teacher and available to assist others, especially those who resonate with the phrase “used and abused.” They treat through faith, hope and love, with Jesus as a role model.




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