The Key to Success: The Right Plan, Right Tools, Right Success and Right Actions


I had the opportunity to speak with Noah as he was preparing for the launch of his 18th book – The 7-Figure Life: How to Leverage the 4 Focus Factors for More Wealth and Happiness.” This book focuses on showing how you can use what you have where you are to get more of what you want. I use that phrase everyday in my own coaching work. We both talk about energy, relationships, time and money to enjoy the life we love. Noah calls them the 4 Pillars of Transformation. One of the kingpins of his approach is a concept he coined “AFFORMATIONS” - the use of positive questions to bring rapid changes into one’s life. I can attest to the power of those questions. When I studied with Noah, I was seriously in debt and could not see my way forward until I heard him speak. I applied his techniques and within a few months, I arrived at the position that I would come to call the apex of my broadcasting career. I strongly recommend Noah’s work, especially if you are feeling stuck, in over your head, or clueless as to the next step to take.




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