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Dr. Pezzini, your work as a strategic advisor to corporate executives. How does that relate to the work you do with animals?
Corporate executives are known to have high levels of stress, and be somewhat workaholics. Studies demonstrated how, having a pet, lowers your cortisol levels and helps you take healthy breaks. Animals need to be walked and animals stay present, without holding on to anything negative, and live for play, good food and love. You can find the PhD dissertation online, showing exactly the human-animal bond in relation to stress, the #1 Best seller on Amazon on the healing power of animals on workers: Success from The Heart, and Dogs Lovers just published on Amazon.

How did you come together to write a book about the various animal care professionals that provide the key to a successful relationship with our dogs? I am Italian-American. My dog Sammy was unexpectedly dying of cancer and Dr Ferrari was taking care of her in her last final days. We were talking about the meaning of life, our career challenges with people, not animals and Dr Ferrari thought that she and I would make the ultimate collaboration, to help our beloved animals, and in turn, their humans. Veterinarians are not taught psychology, in order to interact with pet owners. Psychologists are not taught animal training and animal well being/welfare, to have a healthy relationship with our pets. And when the relationship is healthy, then both parties, the humans and the animals, benefit from it.

Can you explain the key professionals involved in this work? The Veterinary Physician is a professional graduate in Veterinary Medicine, approximately a 5-year degree, in most countries in the world. To practice, he/she must pass the state exam, get licensed, and be registered with the Board of Veterinary Doctors. Veterinarians are required to comply with the Code of Conduct and Ethics, dictated by their Board. The dog trainer is a professional dog educator. The dog educator/instructor/trainer, is the professional who deals with the interaction between men and dogs, to improve their relationship, and teach the owner how to communicate with his dog. The Coach is a professional, who collaborates with clients. Coaching, through a strategic process, stimulates reflection, inspiring clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Is it difficult for owners and professionals to communicate? Yes, it is, because the pet owner sees the dog professionals only when there is a crisis, when the dog is sick, or misbehaves, etc. So human emotions get in the way and intelligence goes down and we communicate poorly. We want to educate dog owners and all dog professionals, to learn how to communicate effectively, before there is a crisis, problem, challenge; that way the dog’s health and well-being is not at risk. Often, because of unnecessary misunderstandings, due to poor communication, unfortunately, the dog is put down, euthanized, way too soon.

What is the lesson to be learned? A dog is not a baby, not a toy, nor a human. He has needs and behaviors different than human’s. Most dogs are much more physically active than you think! Some dogs could not live well with our lifestyle. So read about breeds.

What factors are involved in adopting? Home environment, family members, lifestyle, your expectations, beliefs. I was ignorant about different dog breeds, mixed breeds, their personality, what they are bread for, where geographically they thrive in, etc. I wanted a big dog to run with. I also needed a dog who got along with other animals, like cats, and had to factor in time to train the dog and socialize her. Dogs can get sick, and you have to factor in time to help them heal. I am an advocate for pet insurance.

Why is it important to have a trainer too? Dogs adapted to live with humans. Dog trainers teach us how to communicate with pets. Dog trainers are language teachers.

Can you explain dogs’ CALMING language? Dogs use them to communicate with each other. They are universal and all dogs understand them. They also use these signals with humans, too.

Do dogs understand our language? Dogs can learn to associate a word to an object.

What is the ideal relationship between a dog and his owner? The owner must be a leader.

How does a coach benefit the dog-human relation? Humans interact with many other people, it’s important that a family coach supervises all the human interactions around the dog, and be the glue for everyone’s happiness. Everyone must be aligned with their life vision.

What do owners have to learn in the care of their pets? Good owners love & understand dogs. Dogs are different from humans. Ask for professionals for help.

Dog’s Lovers: with practical exercises and workbook. Group coaching with a private facebook group, social media channels & private coaching.




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