Les Tripp feels there is a process that empowers us to use our God given gifts


Les Tripp primarily leads men’s Bible study groups. In his written works, Les focuses on giving us an understanding that God has given us certain gifts to use. To discover them, we have to be paying attention to the clues we find all around us. Once we are clear, we have to get out the way and allow God to guide and instruct us. This is hard for men. They are about “I”, “me” and “self.” The lesson is humility. It’s difficult. Studying the Word helps and being in fellowship with others. God does the work. He is the air in our balloon, the wind in our sails, the hand in our gloves. When you learn this, you will be “Empowered to Make a Difference,” which just happens to be the name of Les Tripp’s upcoming book.




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