This channel is dedicated to the diaspora, where we discuss all issues pertaining to our plight. Whether you consider yourself an African, Moor, Hebrew Israelite, Five Percenter, Black Muslim, Christian or any other title which we have assigned ourselves. This is the place where you can hear analysis, planning, and action plan for change in our condition! We will discuss culture, history, economics, psychology of racism and the criminal justice system. Here you will get on code!

Our Theme Days are: Keep It Movin Mondays; Talk of the Town Tuesdays; Warrior Salute Wednesdays; Think On It Thursdays; Family Time/Cypher Zone Fridays; The Code Report Saturdays; Food For Your Soul Sundays.

You can connect with Yarima Karama through his webpage at: www.yarimakarama.com for booking information as well his bio. You can also donate through his webpage either via PayPal or other options located on the site itself. You can also go to www.PayPal.Me/YARIMAKARAMA to donate.