KindKids Music is Sharing Kindness through Music

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We create original family friendly music with important lessons about kindness, compassion, resilience, nature, mindfulness, family, friends, and silliness! Each week Rob and Amanda will share with special guests some thoughtful prompts for your family along with songs, and games. Subscribers will get access to concerts and interviews and more!

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Who we are:

Rob Duquette is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter and has been performing for children of all ages for over 10 years. He has worked with the incredible Rick Charette and many others. His “kindness through music” program has been nationally recognized, and is widely requested at libraries and schools and fairs. He is the father of Luke and Stella who are also playing music.

Amanda Duquette is mom to Dylan and Garcia, she is the Creatress of Music and Magic, and has been a professional early childhood music director and educator. She writes songs for parents to easily sing along with their children. Now teamed up with Rob, they are KindKids Music and create programs to continue to share kindness through music and use music to help with early literacy.

Our Channel features puppet friends Patience, Muffy, KindPup, Curious Kitty, Funny Bunny and more! Thanks for subscribing!