Let's Play Minecraft With A Testificate Epsiode: 3


In today’s episode of Let’s Play Minecraft With A Testificate we continue our search for the one and only Jarold! And make some good friends and memories along the way! So sit back, relax and enjoy our search for the best Testificate that has ever lived!! (Or died… Could be either one at this point! suspense)

Hey! You! No, not you! I mean you over there! Yea… No! Not you! That person right there! Yes! YES! Right there! NOOO! Not there! There! OKAY! FINE! I’ll just tell you instead! Come here! Okay, check out this link: https://twitter.com/fmressel you know what it is? No? Oh! It’s a link to my super top secret Twitter account! And now you know! You’re welcome.




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