How important is better lighting for your videos?


After almost two years of vlogging consistently, without any proper lighting, I started wondering how important better lighting for my videos is. I took the plunge and finally got my hands on some lighting that would hopefully improve my videos. What do you think?

Check out the video and let me know if you feel it’s necessary or not, or whether or not you feel my quality has improved?





Love the new lighting, bud! And while I am biased in that I’m a professional video producer, it IS amazing what can be accomplished with inexpensive materials and some ingenuity!

Ok, so, a couple notes to maybe help you achieve even better lighting with what you have. First, take that utility light that’s on top of your head and see if you can mount that above your head, but behind you shining down. This will help create a rim light effect that will help separate your head and shoulders from the background, adding depth. Also, I noticed flickering on-camera from that light, so re-positioning it could help hide that a bit.

Second, the color temperature of those LEDs is quite cool, so make sure the white balance on your camera is set to match it (probably close to the Outdoor or Sun setting). This will help make your skin look more natural and lifelike and will get rid of that “blue white” light. :)

Awesome job! Oh, a couple ideas on getting that LED tape to stick better-make sure you really wipe down that wood well with rubbing alcohol or similar to clean it-the adhesive on that tape is pretty flimsy at best and it needs all the help it can get. Alternatively, there are clips you can purchase specifically for LED tape that screw in that can work well, too. Or double-sided tape!



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