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John Williams is the Chairman & CEO, Impact Infrastructure, Inc., makers of Autocase Software. He began measuring the value of “Green” infrastructure and buildings and their implications for environmental justice in communities, which led him to create an objective, transparent framework for measuring tangible and intangible benefits accruing to impacted communities. This software dramatically reduced the cost and improved the quality of economic assessments on more than $100B in projects including airports; university campuses; hospitals; power infrastructure; commercial buildings; manufacturing, water, wastewater and stormwater facilities; and mobility investments.

Riley Mckillop is a Senior Economist at Autocase who supports research and economic modelling used in both software and consulting projects. He conducts cost benefit and triple bottom line analysis on municipal and state level climate action plans, carbon neutral buildings policy, campus development master plans, and green stormwater infrastructure projects. He has a passion for financial economics and investment analysis pertaining to sustainable infrastructure.

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